Reliable vendors with reasonable prices are utilized. Standard price list for commonly needed repairs is in place.

  • On-line maintenance requests are sent directly to our 24-hour answering service.
  • In-house Construction/Maintenance Company (Campo Contractors, LLC).
  • Approval from Property Owner is obtained before any repairs are made.
  • Scheduling and handling of termite and pest control.


Tenants are invoiced for rent, late fees and other miscellaneous charges. Organized method is used for assuring rents are paid in a timely fashion Demand letters, collection agencies, and negative reports to the credit bureaus are used in the collection process. A great deal of pressure is applied to those tenants who are delinquent. Direct Deposit of Property Owner payments are made to the bank account of your choice.

Bookkeeping & Reporting

All bills are paid by ACRE (excludes mortgage payment and property taxes) Monthly. All bookkeeping records are available to owners/members by clicking the “Owner Web Access” button at


Routine inspections of property are made on a rotating schedule. Reminders are sent to tenants to assure timely payment and tenant maintenance.


Delinquent tenants are quickly notified of any issues that may exist. In cases where Tenants do not remedy the situation, eviction notices are served immediately with the consent of the property owner.

Management Services

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